partial dentures chester

A full denture encompasses the full row of teeth being replaced, top or bottom, or both. There are a number of reasons why such dental work may be required. For those who have concerns over this possibility, it’s fortunate to note that this may not always be necessary. Because in its place, partial dentures chester work could suffice. If not that, it could even be better. Full dentures may be required when far too much extensive damage has been done to both teeth and gums.

Under such circumstances, only a partial rescue if you will may be possible. In any event, extensive cleaning and repair work would be required prior to the patient being equipped with his or her full dentures. And once all the preparation work has been completed, he or she usually does not have long to wait to be fitted with new dentures. Prior to any bad teeth, in this case, all teeth being removed, measurements will already have been taken.

Those patients who only require partial dentures may well consider themselves to be quite fortunate. Damage to just one or two teeth, perhaps not more than three or four, is detected quite early. These teeth still need to be replaced. And whilst the partial dentures are being prepared and fitted, no further damage need occur. Whatever infections may have arisen need not spread any further to other unaffected areas of the teeth and gums.

But sometimes the fitment of a partial denture does come at a rather unfortunate time. This is what happens when accidents happen. A young child may have had a rather bad fall on the playground. A college footballer is knocked quite heavily, helmet, pads and all.