Best Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack 2017

Now that the new year is coming there are many new things planned for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes online hack. The application is now available since a few months. In this short time many positive and important changes have been made. If you already know this great Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack you will surely noticed the evolve of it. A few month earlier everything started with the idea to become able to generate unlimited Crystals and Credits for Star Wars galaxy of heroes. Then they started programming theĀ  Star wars Galaxy of Heroes hack tool which was downloadable for windows only. As the game is available to mobile phones only we wanted to find a solution on how to modify resources directly from your phone.

We came up with a brilliant solution then, the Star wars Galaxy of Heroes hack which you are setting up by visiting their website. It never was easier to generate resources for the best Star Wars game so far. Everything you have to do is to visit the online hack and enter the required data. This is on the one hand your username as well as device os and then the amount of the resources you wish to generate. If you got five free minutes now make sure to use the hack now as you can’t get any better help at all. These amounts of resources will help you to get everything you ever dreamed of in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


If you are worrying about the security of your account or better that you may get banned I can calm you down as there is a custom developed security script included in the Star Wars galaxy of Heroes cheats that is there to not get your account banned. Normally it will hide the whole process from the logs of the servers. Which makes it nearly 100% sure that you won’t get into any trouble. The badest thing that can happen to you is to get your account banned but over 99% of all users never experienced this. In our eyes this is a great statistic and we always are improving the features and the way our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes resource generator is working.

Our first goals we set ourselfes for 2017 is to higher the cap of resources that can be generated. Then we want to develop a complete new security system which is way more secure then the one that we got now. It may be nearly 100% secure now but we are never satisfied and don’t want to wait for the hack to get fixed. We want to be one step ahead of the others and let our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats undetected forever. Thats a hard job but our team of security specialists will get this done for sure.

Additionally there will be many other updates as well as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes app gets updated very often as well and sometimes some security loop holes get fixed and we need to find new ones. So the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack gets at least twice or more updates a week in general. There might be times wher this isn’t the case but all in all this is the number we go with. Enjoy your free Crystals provided by the latest version of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes online generator.

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