If you’ve never heard of epoxy, then you most likely would never think twice to apply an epoxy costing, but these floors can have more benefits than most.

Epoxy is a polymer with mechanical and resistance qualities, that is applied through thermosetting. As foreign as it may sound, it is actually organic, and made of links of carbon that combine with other elements such as hydrogen.

You can apply epoxy yourself, but before you do it’s helpful to know some of the reasons why epoxy should be your next DIY project.



epoxy floors

There’s one real reason why people love epoxy floors– durability. Especially for business owners, the durability of epoxy keeps concrete floors safer for longer. Floors can be safe from the wear and tear of weather, heavy foot traffic, or whatever else these floors might come across.



This might sound like durability, but an epoxy costing makes your floors strong; meaning safe from typical and chemical breakdown.

Easy to clean


These floors are even easier to clean than other surfaces such as tile, hardwood, carpet, etc. The epoxy seal makes them non-porous which means you don’t have to worry about any dirt falling into the cracks.


Epoxy floors not only keep your floors safe, but keep you safe as well. These floors are resistant to slipping, extreme temperatures, and even fire.

Forgiving overall


If you choose to have epoxy floors in places with vehicles and other heavy machinery, rest assured these floors are easier on the surfaces of your tires, machinery, etc.



Installing epoxy floors might actually be helping the environment, more than replacing your floors for new ones. Epoxy is considered a green agent and uses less materials to create brand p new, updated floors.



Lastly, if nothing else thee floors are aesthetically pleasing and easy to look at. They also offer unique colors, blends, and patterns.